Children French Classes

If your child is between 5 and 14 years old, this is the best time for them to learn or improve their French!

We offer after-school French classes for children every Wednesday and Saturday, Individual classes, as well as Summer programs during the holidays. Our courses are designed for children from 5/6 years to 16/17 years old and for all levels: beginner, intermediate or advanced.

Children's  Group  Classes
Day Class

Class time
Every Wednesday from 5:15 to 7pm

          Every Saturday From 10 to 12am or 1 to 3pm

Session length

First : September 19 to December 12
Second : January 16 to March 13  
Third : April 17 to June 12

First : September  15 to December 15
Second : January  12  to  March 16
Third : April 20 to June 15

$ 340 / session

$ 375 / session
All   Our  Fees  are  Tax-Free

Private classes are geared to :
  • Children who have special needs in grammar or vocabulary that cannot be covered in group classes
  • Children who progress more rapidly than the group
  • Children who learn more slowly in a group
  • Children who should maintain their French acquired in immersion classes
  • Children who want to improve their grades
"École Napoléon is familiar and experienced with such cases and knows how to help your child succeed"

Individual or Semi Group Classes
Day & Time
Packages (session)
   Rate by hour

(1 student)

Please contact us to schedule your classes

12 hours - 15 hours - 30 hours

$ 62

  Semi Group
(2 to 3 students)

$ 78
All our  Fees  are  Tax-Free
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