Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I know my level?

For the Adult classes: By taking our online test, we will be able to determine your level in the French language based on your answers.

For the Children classes: By indicating the age, the grade level, and current program (e.g. core french, extended french, french immersion, etc), we will be able to determine the level of your child.

2. What method does Ecole Napoleon use in class?

Ecole Napoleon offers quality teaching promoting excellence, and is recognized for its high quality programs and the strong bonds formed with its local, cultural, educational and business communities since 2000. Ecole Napoleon uses a communicative method that will allow you to develop all your skills: grammar, reading, writing, listening, and conversation. You or your child will start making sentences from day one.

3. What does the online classroom look like?

Our online French classes, with a real teacher, are the most modern, convenient and easiest way to learn French!
We offer a new, friendly and efficient way to learn or to improve your French through your computer.
The Online classes are not that different from the classes at our location.

4. What equipment do I need?

At Ecole Napoleon we provide all the materials for our students.
For the online classes, students will need: a computer with a camera and a micro/speaker head for good quality hearing / speaking

5. Do I get a certification / a diploma in French?

Ecole Napoleon's certificate enables students to gain access to numerous French Educational Institutions, or to use French for professional purposes.
The Ecole Napoleon program is recognized by more then 100 French-speaking countries.
Every student has the possibility to pass an exam at the end of each level (Beginner, Intermediat and Advanced level).
By passing our exam at the advanced level,  you will retain this certificate-level for life.
Successful completion of the Intermediate B2 Level is required to apply to French universities without further language exams or entrance tests.
Upon demand, on top of the optional exam, all students will receive an official attendance certificate and a written assessment in the form of a session report card from their teachers, summarizing the student's progress and learning opportunities.

6. what is the difference between the individual and the group classes?

The most difficult part about learning a new languange is being able to speak it.
The individual classes enable students to speak the French language 10 time faster than the group classes.

7. What is included in your fees?

In addition to the instructional services, tuition fees also include training materials, report cards, and costs associated with all evaluations.

8. How do I pay?

Payments can be made in Cash or Cheque, before the start of your first class, at our location.

9. Can I get a discount?

Ecole Napoleon offers discounts for the corporate program, and for Individual classes after the successful completion of 30 hours of classes.
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