Bienvenue à L'Ecole Napoléon / Welcome to Ecole Napoléon

   The payment for all courses has to be done in total not later than 10 business days after the first class . All teaching materials (i.e. books, exercise books…etc) are not included in these fees and have to be paid separately.
Method of payment
    Payments can be made by corporate Cheque payable to École Napoléon.
Corporate Discounts
    Employees of corporations who participate in EN’s Corporate program may receive a discount ranging from 10%-20% depending on their employer’s level of participation.
The discount is valid for employees only and cannot be extended to family or friends. A valid form of company ID must be presented to EN staff upon registration.
    In case of a class cancellation, École Napoléon has to be informed at least 24 hours in advance. If the notice has not been received in time, the class will be billed at the normal rate.
 Suspension of courses
    The courses can be suspended for a maximum period of 10 business days.
Absence and Make-up classes
    Students who were absent from more than 2 classes, will have to take make-up classes in order to reach the next level. For this purpose, individual classes are available upon demand at  a reduced price of $54.00 an hour for an individual, and $65.00 per hour for two to three people. Students are permitted to purchase up to five  hours of one-on-one make-up classes with an instructor. Scheduled and finalized make-up classes cannot be rescheduled or refunded.
Termination of the contract
    If the contract is terminated, the École Napoléon will refund the amount of fees corresponding to the number of courses that were not given on the basis of the fees charged per hour. An administrational fee of 10% will be deducted from the total reimbursement. No refunds are given for exams, translations or workshops.
Books are non-refundable. A 50% tuition credit will be given for Workshops that are cancelled in writing at least 3 business days before the workshop. No credits are given for exams.
Course Cancellations & Changes
    Ecole Napoleon reserves the right to cancel classes and workshops, adjust the curriculum, and change teachers during sessions if necessary without advanced notice. Courses are typically cancelled due to insufficient enrollment, unavailability of an instructor, or inability to schedule appropriate instructional space. If your course is cancelled, you will be notified by telephone or email and given other options.
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