Private classes during the Summer :
  • Children who have special needs in grammar or vocabulary that cannot be covered in group classes
  • Children who progress more rapidly than the group
  • Children who learn more slowly in a group
  • Children who should maintain their French acquired in immersion classes
  • Children who want to improve their grades

"École Napoléon is familiar and experienced with such cases and knows how to help your child succeed"

Individual or Semi Group Classes

Day & Time
Packages (session)
   Rate by hour

(1 student)

Please contact us to schedule your classes

12 hours - 15 hours - 30 hours

$ 64

  Semi Group
(2 to 3 students)

$ 85
All our  Fees  are  Tax-Free
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Our Summer Camp

Ecole Napoleon offers two sessions (2 weeks) during this coming summer.
The goal of our summer camp is to provide the children the oportunity to keep their French at a good level level until September while having fun.

Week 1
Full day camp

Week 2
Half day camp (French classes and activities)

The Happy Way to Learn or  to Improve their French

Sorry the summer camp is canceled this summer

We do provide just private and individual classes during the month of July

Our activities and classes content

Our Summer camp is designed for non-native French-speakers and for children who are in French Immersion during the school year.
Our  camp is designed for children aged 5 - 15 years and for all French levels.
The students  have  French classes every day for 2 hours.
The kids are placed in the appropriate class by level and age.
Courses are given either in the morning from 9 :30  to 11 :30 am or in the afternoon from 2 to 4 pm. (10 hrs per week total).
The number of students per class is kept to a maximum of  9, and children are thus provided with ideal learning conditions.
Teachers participate actively in the classes and monitor the work of individual students very closely, provide them with special assistance, and help them with study methods and organization.
A detailed scholastic report is sent to the family at the end of the session.
Sport activities included:
Soccer, basketball , mini-golf, modern dance and jazz, kite-flying, swimming-pool, baseball, badminton, ping-pong, and more!
Many non-sport activities are also provided, such as : board games, French videos, outdoor games, theatre, art, sculpting, crafts and more. 
Educational and cultural  trips are organized for students, who are accompanied by their teachers. These trips include : visit to the farm, castles, museums, and parks. The cultural trips will be planned/ scheduled at the end of June.
These activities are included in the camp fee.