We are extremely impressed with the teaching methods that are used at Ecole Napoleon. Our 3 year old son began attending in September with no knowledge of the French language whatsoever. In the first few months, his vocabulary has exploded, he understands when his teachers speak to him in French, and he is able to construct simple sentences himself. He has also learned other skills such as printing. And he has gained a greater sense of independence through the mastery these new skills and knowledge. The teachers are extremely kind and nurturing, and the small class sizes allow for individualized instruction. In addition to that, parents have the opportunity to improve their own French, by attending evening adult classes, which is included in the price of tuition. The quality of the adult instruction is also far superior to any other French courses I have taken.

Sending my son to Ecole Napoleon was the best decision I could have made for his education. In just a few months, he's made remarkable progress not only speaking and understanding French, but also in reading and writing. He's learned to love the language, and is enthusiastic about using his French every opportunity he gets. The teachers are wonderful--genuinely caring and receptive to parents' concerns. The environment is warm, friendly, and highly supportive. You can't beat the small class size for the amount of personal attention each student gets, and the teachers' passion for excellence is infectious. Kanishka is doing even better than I had hoped. Most importantly, he loves school, and is happy!
Ecole Napoleon has been an excellent choice for us and I would recommend it to anybody who's passionate about learning French.