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École Napoléon


We offer corporate contracts for individuals, groups or entire companies

Our Corporate French Classes

The French language is becoming an essential skill for many a company’s workforce.
If you or your company are looking to learn French, or to improve your existing French language skills, then look no further than the courses offered by Ecole Napoléon.
Ecole Napoléon offers a special program for those who want to learn French at their workplace.
A teacher will come to your office at the most convenient time for you: early in the morning, during work hours, during lunch-time, after work, it’s your choice!


What make us different :

Our methods focus on building key communication skills you will use in your business environment.

We come to you! Our trainers do the travelling, not you. We accommodate your busy schedule.

Dynamic courses are a success key for effective learning. The class structure is tailored to your requirements: individual or small group.
No large classes for interactive and dynamic courses!

Customized courses!
We develop the curriculum to include technical vocabulary specific to your profession.

Our goal is your success!

Free consultation:
During the consultation, an assessment is carried out to identify the precise training needs, the level of proficiency and targets. These are constantly reviewed throughout the training course.

Free demonstration:
As we know that it can be difficult to choose the school you want to work with, we offer a free half-hour trial session to demonstrate our teaching method.

Certificate: Ecole Napoleon teaches and makes a thousands of professionals bilingual since the year 2000; our Certificate is appreciated and recognized by big corporations in Canada, USA, and Europe.

We offer French Corporate Classes:

  • In person, on site at your location, for one or a group(s) (Teacher will travel)
  • In person at our location, for one or group(s)
  • Online, Via Zoom or Skype, just individual classes.

Get More Info :

Studying French at Ecole Napoléon means studying in a privileged environment, completely designed to learning, with highly qualified professors. We use a modern method of teaching. Indeed, Ecole Napoléon is a world-renowned school, located in the heart of Toronto.