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École Napoléon

Group of Classes

Adult & Teen Group Classes, start in October

Do you want to learn French with confidence ?

Whether for professional or personal reasons, our online French classes, with a real teacher, are the most modern, convenient and easiest way to learn French!

We offer a new, friendly and efficient way to learn or to improve your French through your computer.Wherever you are, learn French online from home or from your office via Internet.
Our live French classes with high quality native French teachers help you study at your own pace and reach your goals fast.
Our scheduling is very flexible and enables you to take your classes whenever you want according to your availability.

  • Group classes by level once or twice a week with the class recorded if you want to review or to catch up
  • Personalized homework for students in French immersion, core-French, extended-French, at university or other, ….
  • Private tailor-made lessons for all levels
  • Conversation classes on all topics
  • French business courses
  • DELF , DALF and other exams preparation
  • Small French Group Classes (6 students maximum per class)

We offer 75 minute lessons during which you will have a real opportunity to learn and to communicate in French.
At the end of each level you will have an evaluation that will allow you to go to the next level.
In addition, you will be able to review the class by connecting to our site in between lessons.

Start your Free Online French Entrance Test

Our Live Classes

You are learning French for the first time

Our method for beginners is fantastic; we will teach you the functional elements of the French language. You will learn to read, to write, count, … in French. But most of all, you will be speaking French right away from day one and will be able to deal with many real life situations thanks to our role-play French method. Watch our demo video.

You want to improve your French

We will work together on your weaknesses to best fit your needs, improving your pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar. Our intermediate program won’t just teach you new rules but will include them in day-to-day situations so that you always learn in context.

You are a fluent French speaker

You will be able to complete your grammar knowledge with our lessons and written exercises. You will be able to improve your lexical skills by learning idiomatic French through documents based on the daily press, magazine articles, etc.

Just Individual and private classes are available

Please see how the class works