How Our Online Live Classes Work

Ecole Napoleon Uses Zoom technology to teach online.
We Integrate the Online Classroom with our Teaching Website and we send the invitation each time 5 minutes before the class time

We create a unique learning environment

Content sharing tools

Integrating theZoom Classroom lets teachers distribute and share any number of file types during sessions:

We Load our content ahead of time, not on-the-fly during class.
We Play video and audio files for the class through our built-in media player.
We Show students your PowerPoint activities, PDF manuals, multiple whiteboards and even our desktop.

Recording tools for classes

Our teachers and students record their classes. also offers extensive tracking features for teachers to evaluate student performance and for the students to review the class:

Students have an option to Record classes can be viewed or downloaded anytime.


Customization tools

The class is taught completely online and the only thing you need in order to work with it is a browser, camera and microphone which every computer has. It is not necessary for the users to install any additional software.

Our classroom website provides advanced customization tools

Configure our multilingual interface to communicate in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Hebrew, Thai, Chinese and Russian.
We organize our content library into folders and sub-folders, and quickly find what we need when we need it.
We prepare your teaching environment before class so our content, polls and other materials are right at our fingertips.